Centenary Celebrations 2013

Katie Clark receiving award
To celebrate the Society’s centenary in 2013, we organised a competition for a new logo which was won by Katie Clark, here shown being presented with her prize by Christine James, our Chairman.

KLSAS floral display in Tower Gardens
A glorious floral reproduction of our new logo was created by the Parks Department in the Tower Gardens, next to the library.   Many thanks to them for their hard and creative work.


Thank you so much to everyone who attended our evening reception on the 14th June 2013 in The Shakespeare Barn.   The evening went exactly as I had hoped it would and it was lovely to watch people interacting and sharing memories and experiences as you perused the exhibits on display from our archive material.   It sparked lots of conversation and reminiscences and it was wonderful to see so many friends having a chance to chat to one another, whilst listening to the splendid music provided by the Guildhall Collective and sampling the delicious buffet!   We have some fantastic photos, marking such a splendid occasion in our history, which will be on display at the AGM.

I hope you feel, as I do, that this has got our centenary season off to a good start and that you are looking forward to learning more about the ‘then and now’ themes as we explore how things have changed from 1913 in all sorts of subjects from photography through art and architecture to science and music into 2013 and beyond, as we launch our new programme of lectures, which will be announced fully in September when they are finalised.

A transcript of our centenary lecture entitled ‘Whose Grit Was In The Oyster?, a light-hearted look back at the history of the Society, given by Pat Knights can be read as a pdf file here.

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KLSAS Logo small