Arts and Sciences are KLSAS, if you are even slightly interested in arts or sciences do come to our meetings. Our audience – and you can be part of it – attracts the cream of speakers on a wide variety of subjects. We’ve been doing it for more than a century.
We have a new venue this season: the Small Barn of the Knights Hill Hotel in South Wootton, access and parking are easy, and we have a comfortable space with good audio-visual facilities and our own bar.
The talks, about 50 minutes in length and usually illustrated, are followed by a Q&A and a chance to really engage with the experts. In the following pages you will see the range of topics for discussion this autumn, winter and spring. We do not live stream or record our meetings, you have to be in the room.
Come along as a visitor and see what we are like – then join us!
I look forward to meeting you,
Sherie Naidoo